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Aerial vision of Corfu by Thomas Weiss (Austria)

  A great video about Corfu by Thomas Weiss (Austria), taken his with phantom vision camera.


Island of the Blind Dead, filmed in St. George South!

Island of the Blind is fan film created to celebrate the 1971 Spanish cult classic, Tombs of the Blind Dead and the franchise it spawned. With this celebration in mind, this short film…


Colorful Corfu by Bev Turner

Mother and Grandmother of two beautiful little boys. Having an interest in photography (I know, I know…terrible pun). Loving people shots most of all but I am partial to images that have a…


What is…Pétanque?

The game of boules, otherwise known as pétanque , is perhaps the sport that is closest to French hearts. Similar to British lawn bowling or Italian bocce , the French version is traditionally…


ATM Locator

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Skateboarding in Corfu (by Anders Almgren)

by Anders Almgren


Corfu Ginger Beer

Article by V.P. One of the local oddities of Corfu is the consumption of ginger beer, a drink popular in the United Kingdom but virtually unheard of elsewhere in Greece. It is a…


Paul McCartney throwing cats (Corfu,1969)

“Three Cool Cats” Three cool cats Three cool cats Are coming up in a beat up car Spitting up a lift of candy bar Talking on about how sharp they are Three cool…

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Ancient Greek Sandals: a success story grown in Corfu

CREDIT: ANDY SEWELL Posted in www.telegraph.co.uk By Sally Williams 11 JULY 2015 • 10:40AM The Greek crisis seems a world away from life on Kavvadia, a farm in Tzavros, a 20-minute drive from Corfu…


Inspirational People from Corfu #6: Lina Rokou

EN Lina Rokou was born in April 1979. She grew up in Corfu, where she returns every time she misses the green shutters! She laughs loudly, she hugs her friends and she is…

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Side By Side by Manic Side

This Manic Side’s team movie featuring action sports and activities filmed in the period of 2008-2010 at Corfu (and other places).This movie is divided to different parts depending on the activities rather than…

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