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Electric Litany – Enduring Days Will Overcome

The name Electric Litany came up as an oxymoron. The litanies and philharmonics in Alexandros Miaris’ native island (Corfu) have haunted him since he was a child. The band is powerfully electric, but involves no religious faith of any kind. Nevertheless their story so far is full of “religious” coincidences: they made their first demos in an old pub called “Fallen Angel” (converted to an illegal studio in order to meet their needs) and later on, without second thought, they recorded this album in Alexandros’ latest home, an abandoned church with great acoustics, built in 1895 in North London.

“Enduring Days You Will Overcome” is the fruit of a difficult and stagnant era. However, confirming every word of its title, it’s proof that the conscious perseverance of creation is the solution to overcome the problems and move forward. The album rises from the ashes of a lo-fi world, maintaining the lyricism and the characteristic “haunting” atmosphere of Electric Litany. The album expresses love, dedication and patience, which lead to beauty, creation and liberation. Simultaneously it records the practical difficulties and the everyday problems of life and survival as experienced by the band the last 3.5 years during which this album was recorded.

In 2012 the band contacted legendary producer Alan Parsons who, after hearing “How To Be A Child And Win The War” agreed to collaborate with the band. The recordings were an adventure “hosted” in several London based studios as well as a studio in the Welsh countryside and the island of Corfu. Mastering once again took place at Abbey Road Studios.

“Enduring Days You Will Overcome” is released on vinyl, cd and digital album from Inner Ear.


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