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Corfu – The island of Nafsika by Marios Lefteriotis

This Super 8, 18 fps film, was made in 1969 and it was the 1st award winner at the 1970 Greek Amateur Cine Club Festival. It was shot during his vacations in Corfu with a small S8 hand held camera and actually was the basis for the creation of the 16mm movie of CORFU, 3 years later, in 1972. The interesting point of this movie is the sequence of the rally at the old town of Corfu, which does not take place any more for many years now. The film’s text and narration, in a slightly poetic style, is in Greek by Marios Lefteriotis.

Marios Lefteriotis (marlef), is mainly Construction Engineer, but also a hobbyist Director, Photographer and Movie Maker. His short film “REQUIEM for humanity”, has been extensively reviewed and maintains its originality even to-day (2010), 40 years after its release date (1970) . From his books, one titled “THE THIRD DIMENSION IN THE ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES” (not published yet), contains 230 3-D Anaglyph photos, broadly reviewed (30 of them) on the web. In addition to these, documents from his family archives in Corfu, dating since 1631, have been published in his pages and everybody can review them. Besides, many of his photos and paintings, which are free, are presented in several galleries on the web and evaluated by many photographers, worldwide. Finally, at his music page, M.L. has picked up some of the best music radio programs (modern or classic music), which you can enjoy whenever you want !

Information about the 800 old documents of his family in Corfu (dating since 1631), how you may review them at “HISTORICAL CORFU ARCHIVES” in Corfu town, or see and download them from his sites on internet, can be found here and here :

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