Daily life in the most
beautiful island on earth!

Corfu by Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is an amateur herpetologist, ecologist and photographer. He has been conducting field trips since he was 15 years old and now at 31 he has gained invaluable experience thanks to over 30 excursions on the European continent. The areas that he mostly visits are Greece and Spain, as he has a love for the Mediterranean herpetofauna. He is also a graduate in BA (Hons) French, Spanish & European Culture at Manchester Metropolitan University.

“Corfu is a Greek Island very close to my heart, as I have visited it eight times in total” he writes. “Corfu is known for the being the most lush and humid of all of the Greek islands and it is this feature which attracts me time after time as although quite small in size has varied habitats from a mountain in the north (907m) to central plains and southern lowlands covered with ancient olive groves”. The island is home to some great ponds and small wetlands which are rich in not only amphibians and reptiles but birds and mammals as well.

As in 2011 and 2012 he was invited back to Corfu by the Durrell School of Corfu to lead aspects of herpetology for Gerald Durrell’s Corfu 2013. However, this year he decided to stay on the island for a little longer once the field course had finished. In total, he spent 14 days exploring Corfu. Here are some of many of his favourite reptiles, amphibians and insects during his explorations.

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