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Salty Bags at The Dieline

Established in 2007, The Dieline is the brainchild of Andrew Gibbs, who sought daily inspiration while working as a packaging production artist. Noticing a void for package design inspiration on the web, he began to catalogue packaging by googling images or snapping pictures of packaging on shelf – often leading to his removal from stores.

Within two years of its inception, The Dieline became the most visited website on package design in the world, capturing a readership spanning millions across hundreds of countries. Through its rapid growth, The Dieline has expanded beyond a website to include an annual design competition – The Dieline Awards – as well as an annual design conference – The Dieline Conference. The Dieline also published its first book, Box Bottle Bag in 2010, which became the #1 selling package design book on Amazon.

Salty Bag is an upcycling company making bags and travel accesories from used and decommisioned sailboat sails. Adding to the unique nature of each bag, the company tracks down and curates the life-story of each sail they use including it in a booklet that comes with each bag. To further enhance the local look and feel of the product, the packaging is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the local artisinal ‘Freshly Made Butter, Corfu Type‘ packaging that most Greeks have grown up with for well over half a century.

Designed by Salty Bag

Art Director: Cryssa C.
Creative Manager: Stratis Andreadis
Creative Manager: Spiros Daikos
Photographer: Nikolas Tsakris
Country: Greece

Source: The Dieline

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