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Inspirational People from Corfu #3: George Tsirogiannis

The last time I cursed Corfu is not that long ago. If all my curses throughout the five years I live here were true, the whole town would have turned to dust, pretty…


Inspirational People from Corfu #2: Alexis Papageorgiou (Aloa)

6 months Corfu, Article by Aloa Unterkiefer (Alexis Papageorgiou) Hi, recently I found out my name I was going for 24 years is just a short version of the real name Alexandros.This is…

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Georgia Vrosgou Woke Up in Corfuland

I’m Georgia Vrosgou and I’m an aspiring filmmaker and a dreamer. After graduating from high-school, I went to the AudioVisual Arts Department of Ionian University in order to study digital arts and specifically…

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