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Electric Litany – Enduring Days Will Overcome

The name Electric Litany came up as an oxymoron. The litanies and philharmonics in Alexandros Miaris’ native island (Corfu) have haunted him since he was a child. The band is powerfully electric, but…


Konstantinos Bhta & Manolis Famellos at Seven

“A musical exploration” by Konstantinos Bhta & Manolis Famellos Saturday, February 1st, 2014 Details: Start Time: 22:00 Presale 10€, 12 €Door Reservation Tel 6974354460 SEVEN,Arts Place, Viros Presale: Shop Korniza Spyrou Arvanitaki 4…


Corfu by Dokkerman

Dokkerman and The Turkeying Fellaz is a Hungarian deep funk revival band. In their music they recycle the gritty grooves only DJs spin nowadays, breathing new life into old funk, afrobeat, trash and…


Bohemian Rapsody by Corfu Youth Choir

Corfu Youth Choir, “A Tiro” trombone quartet Choral arr. M. Brymer Arr.for trombone quartet Spyros Regis Director: Christina Kalliaridou Piano: Nikos Lavassas Drums: Nikos Gitonas


Kore. Ydro. – (Non) Applaudito a Corfu (January 2014)

Promo video of Kore. Ydro. Tour (January 2014)

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