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Corfu:The first photograph of 2014 at Earth Science Picture

The photo above shows the extended shadows of a stand of conifers stretched out over a layer of fog. It was taken just after sunup in Sokraki village, Corfu, Greece, on October 28,…


Corfu by Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is an amateur herpetologist, ecologist and photographer. He has been conducting field trips since he was 15 years old and now at 31 he has gained invaluable experience thanks to over…


Corfu Nightscapes by Bill Metallinos

Bill Metallinos composed a 4K Video Timelapse from more than 50.000+ Pictures and 3+ years of shooting Observation Team Astronomic Society of Corfu VideoProducer:B.Metallinos Powered by Elpis Metallinou Music:Enya – Only Time More…


Inspirational People from Corfu #5: Marcos Avlonitis

I love Corfu. Even though I live in England, there’s something about the island that won’t let go of my imagination. I was baptised there, spent almost all my childhood summer holidays there…


Felix Beato, a Pioneer Photographer from Corfu

Felice Beato (born 1833 or 1834, died c.1907), sometimes known as Felix Beato, was a Corfiote photographer. He was one of the first photographers to take pictures in East Asia and one of…

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